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The Foundation for a Life of Meaning


Living with purpose requires us to view life holistically.  There is not only one aspect to our being, but three.  We are comprised of Mind, Body, and Soul.

When we daily live with the 3Pillars as our foundation we experience more joy where we live, work, and play.  What do the 3Pillars have to do with daily life?



We have a desire to learn and put our knowledge into action.  Humans are innately curious and we should use the interest we have in learning to elevate our purpose in life. 

Whether we are furthering our education, taking in a lecture, watching a documentary or engaging an expert in conversation, we should do so from a place of humility so we are able to acquire knowledge and wisdom.


We tend to be most aware of our physical presence.  We move and breathe and eat throughout the day.  How we utilize and care for our bodies has a greater impact on our future than some of us understand.  Activity and diet play a large role in what we are able to accomplish, which will directly impact the legacy we leave. 

Caring for the one body we have through eating the right foods and participating in physical activities that we enjoy will boost and support the other aspects of our lives and relationships. 


I believe every human has a soul and our soul plays a large part in how we view and interact with the world we contact daily.  Whether you are a Spiritual person or not, there are aspects of Soul care that have benefits for the mind and body. 

Opportunities for reading an ancient text and meditating on the life you are living and the life you want will bring benefits you might not have considered.  

Before dismissing the idea of Soul care as ‘not my thing’; consider that many leaders view Soul care vital to their Emotional Intelligence and relational capital.