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I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the last word in the title.

Every year I get excited about summer.  I look forward to the sun warming everything up.  The garden goes in the ground. Mountain biking is amazing.  The hiking is awesome too. I cannot wait to get outside and run around.  Being active is easy in the summer. While I don’t want to admit it; Fall is just around the corner and up here in the Northland, which can mean rapidly cooling temperatures that lead into winter.  Sure, we still get outside and hike, bike and walk; our attire just has to be thought through a little bit. 

While Fall has not yet come into it’s full and glorious colors (Trees are spectacular), my family and I have taken the past few weeks to hit up some of our favorite activities.  The night before writing this the temperature was 70 degrees and I participated in the COGGS Enduro at Mission Creek. What a blast! For my wife’s birthday, we went hiking at Bean and Bear lake (picture above), an eight-mile hike.  And we recently went to our Secret Swim Spot (no I won’t tell you where it is).

It’s easy to stay active when the weather is warm, but what about winter?  Our bodies are meant to move.  That becomes more difficult in winter for most of the United States, but in particular in the Northland.  In Duluth, MN winter can be long. Snow can come and stay as early as November and it seems to take until the fourth of July for summer to kick in.

Most of us have sedentary jobs.  During the winter in particular, when we finish work most of us walk to our car and… sit for the drive home.  When we arrive at home, too often we are tired and sit during dinner and then sit in front of the TV until we go climb (or fall) into bed.  This is not good for the human body.  

Here’s my point: Make a plan now to do some activities this winter.  Let me be clear, the root word of activities is active. Be active in your house, outside your house.  Go for a walk with a friend or your dog. Try something new by renting snowshoes or a Fat Bike. Go to the Rock Climbing gym.  A quick online search for your local Visitors guide will tell you what’s up in your area.

If going out is not your thing then workout at home.  Walk your stairs, do a bodyweight workout, a yoga routine.  All of these are available for free. No memberships, just jump on YouTube and search.  I’ll be you find a trainer you connect with. If you’re a gamer, get a Wii or something similar and do the boxing game and then choose to move instead of sitting and swinging the controller.  

One of the 3Pillars for life is the Body.  We need to take care of it and that means activity.  School is back in session and life is probably a little less hectic.  So, this weekend take some time, maybe 30-45 minutes to think about some winter activities you enjoy or that you want to try.  Write them down or input them in your favorite note-taking app. Make sure you get moving this weekend. Your body will thank you.

Leave a comment below: What’s your favorite summer spot or activity? What new activity do you want to try this winter?