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Interim Consulting


MicroShift for Macro Results.


With people and with organizations, this maxim holds true.  Small changes often lead to the greatest results. I believe this and work with leaders and organizations to make the right change or Shift for their organization.  With experience in many church settings, I understand the struggles of leadership teams desiring to make a difference. 


Because of my 20 years as a pastor, I have the opportunity to serve churches in transition.  Most of the time churches want to jump into the process of finding a new leader when it might be best to pause.

Instead of reacting to a disruption I would like to see us take a pause, together.  Breathe for a moment so we can determine what is best before moving forward.

My Goal is to serve you the best way I know how… 

Through listening, understanding and discerning before acting.  This is not a long process, but I believe it is vital for the long-term well being of all involved.  During this time we can discover the best way forward for your church.

Listening is a key place to start.  Everyone has a story and a POV. Through active and empathetic listening we can understand, together, what could be next for your church and its unique mission to the world.  

Once we have an understanding of where your church is, we can discern the best way forward.  Identifying the vision and direction of a church is exciting. “Who are we?  Where is God leading us? What should we be doing to make an impact in our Community?” These are exciting questions in the process and will be helpful when discerning the next leader for your church.

Leadership teams want action. 

I get it. Leaders are action-oriented people, but this process should be done thoughtfully and with a plan.  Acting out of desperation or a reaction to circumstance can lead to panic, missteps, and confusion. This is not what you intend, but what can happen. 

Together we can take Listen, Discern, and take MicroShifts, small changes, that will lead towards the church you want to give your life to.  So, pause, take a breath. Contact me for a conversation. My promise is to serve the best way I can for your benefit and the health of the church you love.

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