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Are you a creature of habit?  Me too.  My morning routine ruined the Christmas season for me.  My morning routine allows me to get into every day with purpose.  I have the same actions and patterns every morning. You can check it out here if you like. 

Thanksgiving to Christmas was an interruption.  Every year my routine would go out the window.  Staying out later for holiday parties, getting together for end of year celebrations and all the ‘nonsense’.  It was frustrating!  My attitude stunk.  Imagine that, the time of year when the world joins together to sing Joy to the World, I am Mr. Negativity. 

It’s not that I wanted to be negative.  I just realized I preferred my routine to… Joy.  That was the thought I had a couple of years ago.  That’s not what I wanted.  But it is what I was confronted with.  I would have called myself a Grinch.  It had to have affected my family and relationships.

I just realized I preferred my routine to… Joy.

The choice confronting me was to be a killjoy or embrace the season. 
By choosing to welcome the time between Thanksgiving and New Years I made the choice to mentally give up my morning routine.  I still get up and I still get aspects of my morning done.  Because my attitude is adjusted, I love the season once again. My routine had controlled me, but no more.

Is there a habit or routine that is controlling an aspect of your life that you need to seize back? You can do it. Accept responsibility for the past and make a new plan for the future.