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Last week, I introduced MicroShift.  Not only is it the name of my company, but it also informs a way of life that I choose to live by.  MicroShift for MacroResults. Small changes add up over time when executed regularly. As you regularly Shift your life in the direction you desire, the goals you’re striving for; you will make progress.  It might feel slow at first, but trust me: You Are Making a Difference Long Term!

This week, as promised, I am talking about my Morning Routine.  The Morning Routine has been a game-changer. Several years back I listened to podcasts and read a lot about how our mornings set the tone for the day.  I set out to put into practice what I had been reading. I wrote some things down and figured the amount of time I needed, set my alarm and woke up to accomplish everything on my list before breakfast.  This lasted four days. That’s right, four days. The fifth day I slept in and felt dejected. I failed.

My Trusty Bottle

Hindsight being 20/20, I didn’t fail so much as I didn’t plan very well.  I tried to change everything in one week! What a disaster that turned out to be.   I stepped back (after sulking for a bit) and took a different approach. I would choose and accomplish one thing.  One goal. That’s all I had. My goal was to wake up and drink 16 ounces of water. That’s it. If I accomplished anything else, it was a bonus.  After a couple of weeks of regularly getting up and drinking from my water bottle (That’s my water bottle to the right. I drink from it all day), I added to my routine.  For a point of reference, it took me about a year to get my Morning Routine to where it is today.

Here is what my current Morning Routine looks like:

  • Wake up.  Whether you set an alarm or not, when you wake up; Get up.
  • Get dressed in shorts & workout shirt. I lay out my clothes the night before so I don’t have to think about it or fumble around the room half-asleep.
  • Chug 16oz. of water with approximately ⅛ tsp of Himalayan Pink salt. During the sleep cycle, dehydration occurs.  Rehydrating right away starts off right. The salt adds nutrients and the water hydrates. Water with salt only.  Stay away from coffee, tea, and sugary drinks, which includes juice!
  • Get moving.  I move into the living room where I do what is called Animal Moves or Animal Flow.  The movements I use first things in the morning are beast, bear, crab, and frog.  These are nice gentle movements that get my body moving.
  • Meditation & Scripture.  Once I’m done with some Animal Moves I move on to reading my Bible.  As a Christian, this is important to me and I normally follow a reading plan coupled with meditation and short journaling to frame what I read and was aware of.  If you’re not a Christian, read whatever text/book is associated with your belief system or try box breathing.
  • Workout. If there is the time I like to get moving again.  This is my workout where I strive to break a sweat. I normally do a Yoga routine with three sets of Burpees to finish off. Tip: Choose your workout routine the night before.
  • Read an article or book. I like the Pocket app if I’m going to read articles.  This is generally the first time during the day I open my SmartPhone.  

All of this takes me 1-1.5 hours to complete and leads up to breakfast at 7am during the school year.  Within my Morning Routine are the 3Pillars of Mind, Body, and Soul. The Routine does change. I modify it over time by changing pieces out, but I always make sure the 3Pillars are present. 

This might sound like a lot to you.  “Jason, I’m not doing any of this!” Ok.  I hear you. Do you want to do this? Does it even sound like something that would be beneficial?  If not, Thanks for reading. If creating a morning routine is something you want to do, then start tomorrow.  Learn from my mistakes. Don’t try to do everything. Just start with… 

One MicroShift!

That’s all.  Start by waking up at a regular time.  Already doing that? Drink some water with or without the salt.  Slowly build and add over time. Be aware of adding pieces based on the 3Pillars of Mind, Body, and Soul.  

What does your Morning Routine look like?  Leave me a comment or ask a question.