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What is your working definition of Emotional Intelligence?  There is a lot of talk in businesses, and organizations, on blogs, and YouTube, about Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  It is even starting to work its way into parenting and the school system, which is good!

While it is important to continually develop our EQ, it is especially vital for those in leadership positions.  The reasoning is simple.  For good or for bad, a leader’s mood, emotional state, and actions directly affect their direct reports or employees.  The mood and emotional state that is “passed on” to employees will directly affect customers.

This creates a direct correlation to the bottom line, regardless of metrics.  Whether it is a for-profit or non-profit, the leader sets a tone and has a lot of influence as to how the organization is perceived.

A leaders mood, emotional state, and actions directly affect their direct reports or employees.

Is your customer service helpful and outgoing?  Are your front-line workers and volunteers helpful?  Do the greeters at your church have a welcoming quality? Is your sales staff greeting customers with a smile? 

If not, look to the leader first.  Is her tone engaging and helpful?  Is his mood welcoming and accessible?  The leader of every organization, department, and ministry has to take ownership of the atmosphere that is created by everyone in their sphere of influence.

Very quickly I will share my working definition:  Emotional Intelligence is your ability to identify and regulate your own emotions AND to recognize and respond to others’ emotions appropriately.  (Appropriately being the key)