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This is a story is of The Single Rose. As Carol was pointing and explaining the decorations and why everything had its own place, she paused and said, “Have I ever told you the story of the single rose?” I told her “no.” This is her story:

When my husband and I had been married for one month, he brought me a single rose. In our second month, he brought me two roses. The third month, three roses and so on. Our 13th month I told him not to bring me 13 roses. It’s just too much.

So he brought me a single rose instead of the 13. And every month after that he brought me one rose as a reminder of his love for me. I received more than 240 roses over the years.

When we were making arrangements for his funeral, the director asked about the floral spray for the casket and I simply told him – A Single Rose.

Tell someone you love them today.