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“You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.”


I have to say the past couple of weeks have been… different. As I have had a conversation with friends, family, good acquaintances, and even my neighbors one theme that continues to come up is this: Life will never be the same; the world is changing.

That was true before COVID-19 and will be just as true after the pandemic is over and life gets back to a semblance of what you consider normal. This is one of the beautiful aspects of life – we change daily. Tomorrow will be different from today just as today is different from yesterday. We are evolving as people, constantly changing with every choice and decision (or indecision) we make. How we were formed last week or last year, even in our childhood, is not who we have to be if we choose.

We should be excited that a ‘once formed, always formed’ identity is not real. To a large degree, you and I create our future. We are not stuck being the person we are today. We can grow in knowledge, empathy, leadership, gardening… We are constantly becoming the person we choose to be, for good or bad; with intention or avoidance, it is impossible to be the same person you were.

Embrace that thought during this ‘down-time’. Who are you today? How will you be different tomorrow? What choice(s) need to be made to pursue the life you want?