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MicroShift for MacroResults. That’s what it takes.

For most of life, small changes done regularly lead to the biggest impact.  No matter the goal we have, small regular changes lead us towards the person we desire to be.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s not even difficult; but it is hard.  

It’s hard because too often we are not ready or maybe willing to do the work daily to reach our goals.  We want progress to be phenomenal and out of this world, like we tend to see on social media.  “I can do it, you can too!”  I don’t know about you, but that is not how things happen for me.  

Working and striving towards a goal can feel more like a journey to Mordor.  What we need is our own Samwise.  I love Sam’s character.  He’s the one that encourages Frodo  in the Lord of the Rings series to finish the journey, to accomplish the task and that meant sometimes physically pushing him through an obstacle. 

When we get stuck in our quest to conquer life or tackle a goal, we need someone to walk with us.  That’s why I started MicroShift.  I serve people and add value to their life so that they discover joy & balance where they live, work and play while they go after their goals.  It brings me joy to walk with people and watch as they make strides and accomplish what they set out to do.  I’m a little like Sam, but my feet aren’t as hairy.

If we are going to succeed where we live, work and play then we have to understand there is more to us than meets the eye.  A philosophy that I live by and teach: We are not only physical beings.  We are made up of Mind, Body & Soul; what I refer to as the 3Pillars.  When the ‘3Pillars’ are balanced, life tends to operate more smoothly.  We are more ready for what life throws at us.

The decision is easy. The choice is hard.

For most of what we want to accomplish in life, we need the balance of the 3Pillars.  I believe these Pillars are vital to a whole life.  A life worth living.  Doing something intentional every day for Mind, Body & Soul will keep you grounded, centered, aware, disciplined and ready.

If you are out of balance in any one of these areas take a breath… you’re not alone; and you are just One MicroShift away from moving towards wholeness.  Making one adjustment, one choice, one decision each day will bring your Mind, Body and Soul into a more integrated state.  The decision is easy, the choice is hard.

At the center of all you want in life; the goals and dreams you strive for; has to be a whole life.  If you’re not moving towards wholeness, it will be more challenging to accomplish what you want.  Start right where you are today.  Assess they way you live, work and play.  

  • How is your Mind?  Are you reading, challenging yourself mentally, learning & growing?  Are you having conversations that are demanding of you?
  • How is your Body?  Are you intentionally active every day?  Not as energetic as you would like?  Eating a broad range of foods that are beneficial?
  • How is your Soul?  Are you taking time to meditate, worship, read & contemplate?  Are you allowing yourself to be still?

For the past several years I have been living this 3Pillars philosophy.  Most mornings (I wish I could say every morning) I wake up and accomplish the 3Pillars while the house is still quiet.  It gets me moving in the right direction with the right mindset.  

Next week I’ll talk about my Morning Routine that keeps me focused on a 3Pillar lifestyle. 

My hope for you is that you live a balanced life; Mind, Body & Soul.  That you will accomplish even more than you thought possible.  That you will be encouraged & challenged to make One MicroShift today, and tomorrow and every day so you can live the life you want.  Make the choice everyday.