MicroShift: MicroShift for Macro Results
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Target Your Purpose. Shift Your Life.

An Elite Coaching System for Leaders

You are a Driven Leader; with a lot to offer.

Leaders can feel stuck in the daily grind and can not see their Purpose in work or life.

Do you find that Detractors, Naysayers, and Distractions are holding you back?

  • Do you struggle with balance in your life?

  • Are you lacking discipline to achieve your goals?

  • Has conflict forced you into a shell?

  • You can’t be expected to know how to handle every personality.

  • Challenges seem too complex to handle alone.

  • Roadblocks that will move you forward are unique.

  • Has motivation in your relationships waned?

  • Are you lacking the confidence you once had?

  • Are you stuck?

  • Is it time to get the active life you want?

If you resonate with any of these then...

One MicroShift is all you need to alter your life.

You don’t have time for extreme changes to your life and schedule. You need to make One MicroShift, one small change at a time to get the life of meaning and purpose you desire.

My name is Jason, a Leader’s Guide and…

I understand what it’s like to feel isolated as a leader.  And, I know the sinking feeling of too much to do and too little time.  I have been unmotivated at times and felt stuck.  I have been anxious when changes need to be made. 

You Just Need a System...

Having worked with leaders from different walks of life, I have experience in unique situations and understand what it takes to help people get unstuck and reach new levels of growth and purpose in their life.

Let me guide you to discover Joy and Balance where you live, work and play One MicroShift at a time.

MicroShift Coaching System


Holistic Life Plan


The Holistic Life Plan (HLP) is a worksheet designed to help you discover what brings meaning and joy to your life.  This is not a test; rather it is a series of questions to extract what is already inside you, waiting to get out.

Once you know who and what brings meaning and joy to your life, we can integrate into your life, more of what is important to you.


Foundation for a Life of Meaning


Living with purpose requires us to view life holistically.  There is not only one aspect to our being, but three.  We are comprised of Mind, Body, and Soul.

When we daily live with the 3Pillars as our foundation we experience more joy where we live, work, and play.  What do the 3Pillars have to do with daily life?


Work we do for the Life we want… 


GROW is a popular acronym for goal setting.  It stands for Goals, Reality, Options, and Willingness.  Setting goals is the surest way to make lasting change to your life.