Developing Personal Will requires discipline. Discipline will give your mind and body a rhythm. Rhythms provide stability and rest. From there you can weather moments of being exposed.

The goal of resilience is to get back to where you were prior to adversity (life happening). The goal is NOT to get stronger or move beyond where you were.

If you want to be a stand out leader, rather than a follower that hopes to fly under the radar (while still getting a promotion), then take a shot, swing the bat, place the bet, make the move

Most people think, ‘I have all the time I want’. But the truth is life is short and should be lived fully engaged every day.

Whether on the ledge over the Colorado River about to jump or asked to lead a new project, ministry, or product line, the same question comes to our mind and gut - Do I have what it takes?

He knew for the organization to grow and evolve; he would need to be a different leader... But my friend came out a different person, he actually became like the consultant.

If you cannot lead yourself well, you should not be leading others.

Fear is not always irrational. Sometimes it is very real and can debilitate us in our work, relationships and life. Fear can stop us in our tracks.

That’s the problem with goals and success... It’s easy to grab hold of what other successful people are doing and try to imitate them or what they did.

Thoughts, words, and actions are in sync with each other for every human, unless you're a liar and manipulator.

Most people think ‘I must assert myself in a new role’. But the truth is humility will get you farther, quicker.

Self-leadership means pursuing your best self for the benefit of those you love, lead, and serve.

My name is Jason Rhoads

Helping leaders with insights of growth is my passion.

I use inquiry-based coaching to serve you powerfully as you solidify the training you received at the conference you attended. Let this conference set the tone for future learning opportunities for you and the organization you serve.

Contact me by Messenger at the bottom of your screen and we will work together to create a plan for you and your team.

Jason Rhoads

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