The Four Dominions of Life

Journaling has become a mainstay in my life. It wasn’t always that way. I cycled through different journals looking for something that would ‘make sense’ to me. Year after year I would start and stop with journal after journal.

New Rhythms from an Old Dog

Romeo and I have had many adventures together. We adopted him when he was 9 months old and he has gone on walks, hiking, backpacking trips, running, biking, and swimming. You name it, he was game.

Discipline: Developing Personal Will

Developing Personal Will requires discipline. Discipline will give your mind and body a rhythm. Rhythms provide stability and rest. From there you can weather moments of being exposed.

4 Principles of Self-leadership

He knew for the organization to grow and evolve; he would need to be a different leader… But my friend came out a different person, he actually became like the consultant.

The Imitation of Success

That’s the problem with goals and success… It’s easy to grab hold of what other successful people are doing and try to imitate them or what they did.

Thoughts, Words, & Actions

Thoughts, words, and actions are in sync with each other for every human, unless you’re a liar and manipulator.

Change What You Can Control

From his perspective, life was happening to him and he had no control over it. He wanted his circumstances to change without him having to change.

Do your job right

My first ‘real’ job was as a dishwasher. The restaurant was called Dip’n Donuts. I loved that job. Master of my own domain, even if it was the dishwashing station.

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