I love feeling small.

Not in an emotional way . What I mean by that is looking at or being part of something much bigger than myself. Whether that be sponsoring a child along with thousands of other people, it’s my small contribution to humanity. Or looking up at the night sky and realizing how many stars, planets, etc. there are; and how many I cannot see.

A few months ago I was in Northern California and had the opportunity to visit an old growth redwood stand of trees. Looking up at the trees was awesome, in the literal definition, not just the slang. It felt as though I had insignificance in relation to the trees. They didn’t need me.

I want to reiterate that when I say that I love feeling small, this is not self-loathing or putting myself down. Rather, it’s understanding my place in this world. It is easy to feel big. A coaching conversation goes really well and a client has an amazing insight and movement forward. My daughters become amazing young adults and I can pat myself on the back.

These moments can slowly, over time, turn to ego or bravado. I can view the world as ‘they need me.’; although I wouldn’t say that out loud it can creep in.

I need the regular reminders of feeling small so that I don’t get too big, entitled, pushy, mean and any other awful consequence of believing I’m unstoppable. So, I have learned to embrace feeling small.

I was reminded again of my place in this world, of feeling small as I drove through Wyoming two weeks ago. I looked out across the plains and the mountains. The landscape was so vast, I was like a spec. I pulled over and breathed in the air, stared at the mountains and did a 5-minute check on my spirit.

I realized this time; I had true confidence in who I am and what I am capable of. I understood the magnitude and responsibility of serving clients well. I recognized the place I have in the lives of my family and close friends.

I am blessed… and I am small. Viewing life through this lens gives me confidence. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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