Are you looking to move to the next level? To get a promotion and move into a higher leadership role? What got you where you are, will not get you where you want to go next. As amazing and proficient as you are in your current role, the next level (no matter what it is) is different. The higher you go in leadership the more you need to hone one skill in particular.

I recently spoke to one of my Aspiring C’s clients (leaders ready to level up to C-suite; CEO, CFO etc.). He’s ambitious, intelligent and busy! Oh man is he busy. Life and work are running at full throttle. He is beloved by those already in C-Suite and the board recognizes him as an asset to the future of the company. He loves the work he does and his family is supportive. When he is home, he is fully engaged as the husband and father he wants to be. He has started setting some boundaries with work, which is essential for moving to the next level. Still, something was missing.

As we coached together it became clear. The company affords him flexibility and remote work as options. He takes full advantage of this opportunity. When I asked him about the last time, he was in person with the highest-level leaders his response was “It’s been a couple of months.” When was the last time you spoke to someone by phone? It had been more than 10 days.

The reality of many leaders in C-suite positions is much of the work is done face to face or voice to voice. Being present is key. Not only on Zoom, but being in the room, rubbing shoulders, having informal conversations that build bridges of relationship.

In a world of efficiency with messaging, remote work, online meetings, Slack and many more options for keeping in touch, business is still done face to face when it matters most.

If you aspire to a promotion, a new position or title, here are some questions to consider:

Are you present with decision makers in your current role? It’s easy to live and lead with efficiency and the online tools that allow us to work from anywhere. But is that best?

Are you living and leading face to face and voice to voice?

What needs to change in your rhythms so you can have more access?

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