There are aspects of my life and business that I am insecure about.

Insecurity is something most people try to hide or minimize. Trust me when I say, this is not something I want to shout from the rooftops. It’s uncomfortable to put myself out there. To share my flaws, to open the curtain to a part of who I am and where I struggle. What will people say, what will they think, will I lose out on a potential client or organization if I share my insecurities?

Maybe I will. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I don’t know about you, but self-doubt seems to be present in an ongoing basis. I conquer or overcome one thing, and another seems to be there to replace it. So what is the insecurity I’m currently working on? What is the uncertainty I have in life and work?

I’m lazy.

That’s what bothers me. There are days that I believe I did not give 100%. That makes me question my work ethic and then more questions start coming: Am I working enough? Am I serving enough? If I relax, is it for too long? The time I take to get out into the woods (my happy place) to play; is it to avoid something? These are all thoughts I’ve had in the past few weeks (and there are more).

There are two paths forward: The first is the path of least resistance or getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The path of least resistance is what most people choose. It’s the easy way, doing what requires less commitment, less energy, less action, etc.

Second is getting Comfortable being uncomfortable. This path requires looking at my patterns, habits, thoughts, actions. It means looking at what I do and how I do it SO THAT a pivot can take place.

A pivot is a purposeful change of direction. A pivot means choosing a path that could be challenging; like getting comfortable being uncomfortable. A pivot means making a choice to change direction. That’s what I needed to decide. If I am lazy, then I need a new direction, a choice to be more productive.

For me (and I have found with humans in general); laziness comes from a lack of direction or purpose or life/work feeling stale. Choosing to be uncomfortable is one way I have found as a way of changing laziness into action.

Some of you might wonder: Why take the risk of sharing that you’re lazy? My response is: Vulnerability. I ask clients to be vulnerable. How can I ask them something in a private coaching conversation that I am not willing to model in public?

Also, vulnerability builds confidence. Choosing to write about one of my challenges makes me accountable. Some of you are reading this and you know me personally. You know I do my best to live and serve others from a place of authenticity. Besides, it’s too easy to hide and project a façade; but that’s another story…

Would you like to test getting comfortable being uncomfortable? Write out 3 of your insecurities (personal or professional). Choose one and take action on what a pivot would look like for you. Take one step further… PM me with your insecurity and one step you’re taking to pivot from it.

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