The end of the year is fast approaching and some of us are turning our attention to goals and resolutions for next year. Part of goal setting and resolution making has a long-term view in mind; namely our legacy.

Leaving a legacy is good, but it’s not for you. After all, you’re gone when your legacy comes in full view. That’s not to sound morbid, but it’s true. People today who are viewed as wise, along with ancient writers talk about leaving a legacy or an inheritance to future generations. Legacy is a gift for others.

When we look at legacy as something for our benefit, we are attempting to live on as immortal. If you are building a legacy to be honored while living; well, this is a selfish way to live. What we leave behind is our legacy. Legacy is not for the living.

Why leave a legacy? If I can’t enjoy it while I’m here, what’s the point. Leaving a legacy is for others. BUILDING a legacy is for you. That’s a change of mindset, a Pivot in how you view your life, relationships and work. How do we do that? I call it Eleutheria; which is a Greek word meaning – Live as you should, not as you please. How do we live as we should to build legacy?

Here are a few ways:

First, spend time with who and what matters to you. Spending time with those you love, lead and serve is something you will not regret. Invest in their future, build them up, tell them you love them and that you’re proud of them and the work they do.

Additionally, do what matters. In a world of scrolling and binge watching, do things that matter. That could be your work, building investments, growing your leadership influence, volunteering, building community at your local gym, church or other NGO.

Second, people see you as wise. When you live as you should, not as you please, you choose a life that has purpose. Passion is good, but not always useful. Living in a purposeful way, with a goal in mind will put you in a position as a sage, a wise person that others will seek advice from.

Finally, the knowledge that your family and orgs you have concern for are taken care of. This is where most people view their legacy – monetarily or assets that we can leave behind. There is a peace I have knowing my family will be cared for at the time of my passing through assets and wealth building tools.

When you live with Eleutheria in mind, to live as you should, it puts legacy front and center. Have you considered your legacy? Are you actively building it with purpose and intent?

Choose one aspect of legacy and start to Pivot your life in one small way today. What action will you take? Not sure what you might do or what step to take? Message me. I would enjoy the opportunity to serve you in a free Discovery Conversation on how you can build your legacy. Just reach out.

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