When was the last time you arrived at the end of the year and thought, “I set out in January to do great things and have accomplished goals beyond my wildest dreams. I am living the life I want. My career is on track, relationships are solid and I serve organizations that I care about. My life has great balance.”

When I ask clients that question the response I generally get is – “Never. I have never arrived at the end of the year close to attaining goals. I’d be lucky to remember what I set out to do.”

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that you are in good company. We are aspirational people. We know what we want to do, but struggle to execute the plans we have for growth, development, relationships, health, and serving others. Why? Because of what I call the ‘Whirlwind’ of life and work. The whirlwind is the day to day that distracts us from accomplishing something meaningful. People often feels stuck.

There is a way forward… Reflect & Build is a unique retreat for people wanting more from their life and career; while also giving back to the community they love. This 3-day, 2-night retreat at Minnesuing Acres will offer you the opportunity to fill in the gaps between aspiration and execution. During our time together we will Reflect on the past, Acknowledge the present, and Build for the future.

During the 3 days (December 6-8, 2023) you will engage with three group sessions that will give you some tools to build the life you want. Here’s how it will look:

The Past is reflecting on the previous 11 months. This session allows you to consider your successes and failures; accomplishments and frustrations. The past can be a predictor for the future. Without considering the past, there is a tendency to repeat failures in the future. That’s not what you want. What you want is change; you want the future to be different. The first step is looking at the past.

The present is looking back 30 days and ahead 30 days. The present has less to do with goals and more to do with building habits and rhythms that can lead you to success. Life is filled with seasons, those big moments that mark your time on earth – birth, graduation, marriage, death, divorce, promotion, etc. With each season comes a call for new or different rhythms that allow you to navigate the Season you are in. During this session you will consider what is working and what is not.

The future is about the months and years ahead. What are your work & personal goals and aspirations? How will you articulate and then set out to accomplish them? This is where most people get stuck. Executing on your goals and aspirations is what de-rails most people from doing what matters most to them. You’re no different.

2024 can be different. You can set, go after, and accomplish your goals and build a life that matters to you and those you love, lead, and serve. Click here to register. Still have Questions? Message me.

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