The day after Thanksgiving.

Some call it Black Friday; the day when people are looking for deals to get new things – clothes, electronics, cars, etc. I personally know people who have planned out the trajectory of their day based on sales and what is being offered. They look forward to this day, they talk with their friends about this day and go about executing a plan to conquer the day. It’s a fun way to spend the day with friends and family.

Others are calling it something new and are ‘opting out’ of the busyness and hustle & bustle. Instead, these are finding new rhythms to the day after Thanksgiving and going hiking, biking, hunting, skiing, watching sports or movies while relaxing on the couch or at a movie theater.

When I hear people’s plans for this day, I wonder (and sometimes I’ll ask) – Does that feed their soul?

If it does, keep doing it. Is it a drain on your energy, time and relationships? Stop doing it and do something else. After a day as busy as Thanksgiving, it is important to participate in some self-care. I’m not talking about complete indulgence; rather some time to relax, rest, and replenish from the day before.

What kind of day is today for you? Is it feeding your soul, or draining it?

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