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One thing I know to be true is that the life I am living is of my own doing. For good or bad, right or wrong, there is only one person that is accountable for my circumstances: me. When it comes to accepting responsibility for my life, I see three areas that I have to be clear that my choices are 100% on me – my mind, body, and soul. It is too easy to place the blame of my situation (past, present, and future) on others.

I can blame the coronavirus, corporations, the government, my upbringing, past relationships and any number of situations that “are not my fault.” That is not how life works. Yes, bad things happen, but how you and I respond is up to us. We cannot control other people (although all of us have tried at some point), but we can control our attitude, actions, thoughts, and words. You and I have 100% control over our mind, body, and soul; so those areas are on you and me, no one else.

The truth about life is you and me are the causers of our circumstances.

When it comes to our minds we have to consider what we are allowing in. Whether through social media, books, magazines, and conversations; it is our choice to take something in. I understand that people speak to us in unkind ways, we hear it, but do not have to receive it. The mind is powerful. You and I can choose to accept or reject what comes into our minds. Hold on to the good, reject the negative.

The body is similar in that our health is made up of choices. The food we eat, the exercise we choose to be part of (or not), the addictions we participate in are all up to you. I understand some of you want to blame your health on addiction, as though it is outside your control. That is not true. You can quit, it might take time, it will be hard, but you can do it. The choices we make for our bodies have ramifications on our present and future. Make choices that promote health and wellness today.

Our soul is probably the most ignored aspect of our life. What I know to be true about my emotional well-being is that I choose to trust God with my life, which includes my soul. Taking time to read, pray, and meditate on Scripture brings peace and calm to my life every morning. The world is frantic, we need to choose the time to slow life down and tend our soul.

The truth about life is you and me are the causers of our circumstances. We have the capacity for change. If we are going to change, we need to take ownership (absolute accountability) of our life, right here, right now, no excuses. That can happen with one decision at a time. Do not try to change too much too soon. Choose one aspect of life; mind, body, or soul. Make one change, adjustment, or addition toward the life you want. The choice is yours because you and I are the author of our own circumstances.