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It is springtime and that means new life, new growth is just around the corner. The plants for our garden are starting to grow (indoors, since here in the Northland the high temps average 35-40). The growth of our plants has me thinking about the garden of my mind. Whatever I plant and tend, is what will grow and the fruit that will be produced. If I plant a tomato, I will get tomatoes. Plant carrots, then carrots. That’s how it works.

Take some time to look through the garden of your mind.

Fruit is the reason we plant a garden. Sure, the plants look nice, but what we want is the fruit. Enjoy the process, watch the plants grow, but… it’s the fruit that I wait for. I want to enjoy the strawberries, tomatoes, and even the kale.

‘Fruit’ is what we want out of life too. We plant seeds in our life because of the fruit that could come. If we plant good seeds of serving others, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness etc then we will harvest those things as a natural reciprocation in our life. The opposite is also true, that if we plant anger, hate, anxiety, panic, chaos etc then we will harvest these. 

So, if I am anxious, then I will produce concern, restlessness and mistrust as my fruit. If I am joyful, then I will produce cheer, elation, and fun-loving fruit. No one else controls my emotions. They are mine. I have to accept Ownership for what I produce.

Our world is in flux right now. There seems to be an overwhelming sense of pointing fingers, wanting to blame someone else for the virus, the economy, job loss, loss of a loved one and anything else going on in our lives. Here is what I would posit: Plant your own garden today. Tend your own garden today. Our minds have to be cultivated, weeds have to be pulled out so we can allow the fruit we want to enjoy to grow.

Take Ownership (absolute accountability) for your mind and emotions today. Take some time to look through the garden of your mind. Is there anything you don’t want to eat the fruit of? Get rid of it and plant something else.