Getting comfortable with my Insecurities

Some of you might wonder: Why take the risk of sharing that you’re lazy? My response is: Vulnerability. I ask clients to be vulnerable. How can I ask them something in a private coaching conversation that I am not willing to model in public?

You are the architect of your life

You are the architect of your future. What you think is what you will do. What you do is who you will become. The question then becomes – What do you want from life?

Choosing Smallness to Build Confidence

I need the regular reminders of feeling small so that I don’t get too big, entitled, pushy, mean and any other awful consequence of believing I’m unstoppable. So, I have learned to embrace feeling small.

You are the Architect of your life

My morning rhythm gets my day going and points me in a direction instead of wondering how my day will unfold; there is purpose. Rhythms give us purpose.

Face to Face & Voice to Voice

In a world of efficiency with messaging, remote work, online meetings, Slack and many more options for keeping in touch, business is still done face to face when it matters most.

Discipline: Developing Personal Will

Developing Personal Will requires discipline. Discipline will give your mind and body a rhythm. Rhythms provide stability and rest. From there you can weather moments of being exposed.

Memento Mori, Carpe Diem, YOLO

Most people think, ‘I have all the time I want’. But the truth is life is short and should be lived fully engaged every day.

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